Which manicure is suitable for all summer? Avocado green!

What’s the hottest color this summer? That’s really avocado.

It is said that fashionable people have already started to purchase various items of “Avocado Green” in Hot Search.


img source: ins cultgaia

nail art

img source: ins hyunah_aa

The refreshing styles of major fashion magazines and bloggers have been swept up by the green department.

nail art

img source:[email protected]

Even the summer 2019 issue of 《Nail Venus》, a weather vane in the Japanese nail industry, is full of vitality.

nail art

Therefore, summer is just like summer. Please put all kinds of beautiful green nails on the agenda.

nail art

The very tender sprout green and polka dots are a perfect match, and it is easier to get started while refreshing and reducing age.

nail art

The girl with relatively white hands can choose the following clean and clean style

nail art

The more exaggerated green like this needs to be simplified, and matching with small pearl elements is a hot choice this season.

nail art

The cute fruit cross-section pattern has also been particularly popular on ins recently

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