What nail manicure tools do I need to make nails at home?

Many girls said that after watching tips sharing, they want to DIY nails at home. However, they don’t know which trimming tools are needed. Below Jill will show you what are the trimming tools for nails art? These tools are also suitable for the round nails of the previous two issues

Nail file:

used to smooth the nail after trimming nails;

nail file

The dead skin fader:

removes dead skin from the edges of the nails and pushes the nail bed to make the nails appear slimmer.

The dead skin fader

Nail pliers:

trimmed horny nails, dead skin, calluses;

Nail pliers

Nail clippers

the top of the nail clippers is designed with a blunt tip, the blade is sharp, and it can usually be trimmed smoothly at one time;

Nail clippers


After trimming the nails, the cleaner can easily clean the inside and the surroundings of the nails, making the nails look cleaner and more beautiful.


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