Tutorial for Beautiful White Fox Nail

The tutorial for you today is this fox-head nail, sorry for keeping you waiting. Come see it together! You may need to use a nail extension technique this time. In addition, you need to prepare a diamond with a fox head.

nail art

Step 1:

After preparing the materials, we first make basic manicures for the nails , After that is done, apply a layer of primer to the nails, and after the primer is dried, we take out the paper tray. Put a paper holder on the nail which should be inserted under the nail, because we are going to make a fox head , which is sharp, so the tip should be slightly pressed, and then apply an appropriate amount of extension glue to the nail brush. After drying the extension glue, remove the paper tray , we have such an outline extension .

nail art

Step 2:

Next, we polished the nails into a sharp shape at the front end, polished the nail surface at the same time, polished the nail surface to make it a bit smoother. After grinding, it looks a bit like a Ferrari nail, but it has one edge missing. Next, we took out a fine brush, dipped in white nail polish, and painted a pointed shape on the front of the nail. It is best to draw the outline with a fine brush, and then use a brush to apply two thin layers (brush it once, dry it, and then brush it again, it is best to complete it with two strokes each time)

nail art

Step 3:

We take out the fine brush to correct the edge part of the second step, make the edge more straight, and finally dry it. Next, we clean the fine brush, and then applied black nail polish to draw two curved eyes on the fox’s head.

nail art

Step 4:

Let’s use a ballpoint pen to apply a nose to the nails, and then dry the eyes and nose. Next, we took out the glue for sticking diamonds, stuck fine diamonds to the nails other than the ring finger, glued a larger diamond to the forehead of the fox, and then stuck a circle of smaller diamonds around it.

nail art

Step 5:

Then seal all the nails, and finally attach a special triangle-shaped fox head ornament to the ring finger. Because the other diamonds are relatively smaller, Jill will seal them inside the seal. For the larger, Jill sticks to the outside of the sealing layer ~ After the fox head jewelry is glued with glue, it is best to use model glue (or crystal powder with crystal liquid) to fill the fine gap between the jewelry and nails,  to make this jewelry firm.

nail art


Our fox nail is complete.

nail art

How do you like it?

nail art

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