Are you suitable for black and white tattoos or color tattoos?

Recently, some friends told me that he wants to tattoo but he doesn’t know if color tattoo is better or black and white is better?

Today Jill will talk to you about this issue

In all tattoo designs, except for the stippling and tribal totem styles, which are almost black and white, the other styles of tattoos are black and white and colored. Let’s first explore the advantages and disadvantages of black and white tattoos and color tattoos.

Black and White Tattoo

Black and white tattoos are pure and elegant, giving a sense of stability,The three-dimensional sense of excellent black and white works is shocking, and is not disturbed by other colors. The monochrome picture performance is more intense when the light and shadow are contrasted.

black and white and color tattoo 02

Feature 1

Shorter production time compared to color tattoos,pain  is lower than color

black and white and color tattoo 03

Feature 2

Especially on dark skin, contrast is stronger than color tattoos

black and white and color tattoo 04

Feature 3

Relatively less affected by the sun’s sunshine, because even if they fade, the contrast is still obvious

black and white and color tattoo 05

Feature 4

Black and white are neutral, it does not conflict with the color of your clothes

black and white and color tattoo 06

Feature 5

For the same tattoo teacher, the price of black and white tattoos is generally lower than that of color tattoos.

black and white and color tattoo 07

Features of Color Tattoos

Color tattoos are more dynamic than black and white tattoos. Bright and gorgeous colors give people a stunning feeling, and at the same time there will be more creative space for color combinations and inspiration

Feature 1

From the production time, color tattoos will take longer than black and white tattoos. Complex color tattoos take twice or even three times as long as black and white tattoos of the same size

black and white and color tattoo 08

Feature 2

color tattoos are more painful than black and white tattoos

black and white and color tattoo 09

Feature 3

The cost of pigments and other consumables will also be higher

black and white and color tattoo 10

Feature 4

Color tattoos have good coverage, so they can better cover existing failed or old tattoos

black and white and color tattoo 11

Feature 5

 On fair skin, contrasts such as purity and lightness can be formed, and warm and cold colors can bring more emotional manifestations to the pattern

black and white and color tattoo 12

Feature 6

More color combinations than black and white

black and white and color tattoo 13

You can communicate with the tattoo artist what color tattoo is actually used. An experienced tattoo artist can give you the perfect advice based on your skin tone and your lifestyle.

In summary, black and white tattoos are different from color tattoos, and each has its own charm.

Regarding whether you have black and white tattoos or color tattoos, in addition to the characteristics and advantages of various parties just mentioned by Jill, you have to ask yourself, do you like black and white or color more? How about your own endurance? Is your skin tone fair or dark? How much sun do you usually get? What is the budget for tattoo costs? I believe you will have the answer right away

black and white and color tattoo 14

Don’t know which tattoo is the trend and how to wear ? Come and refer to these fashionistas!

In recent years, the models in the fashion industry are no longer limited to how to perfectly express the designer’s work without stealing the glory of clothes. Many designers are increasingly looking for models with very personal characteristics and asking them to put on their own brand clothes, so that they can set off a strong style. And tattoos are one of the most personal signs.

tattoo trends

Male models with tattoos on their bodies will always have a feeling of decadence.These qualities that they exude make the soul behind the brand more released.So this makes them much loved by the fashion industry.To be honest, if you know how to tattoo and wear, maybe the next fashion icon is just you!

1. Ash Stymest

tattoo trends
tattoo trends

When  only 22 years old ,he was selected by Hedi Slimane, design director of Saint Laurent.

Become one of the brand’s main models, his high-profile body exudes a British decadence.

Ash Stymest has a cynical and the 90s hippie temperament, coupled with tattoos, is definitely the representative of this generation of bad men. But before he officially debuted, he was already the cover character of major magazines.

In 2009, he began to show for major brands such as Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, etc., making live media fans scream crazy, and rushed to the 12th place among the top 50 male models in the world

2. Daniel Bamdad

tattoo trends
tattoo trends
tattoo trends

Except for arrogance and disdain, no second expression could be found on his face. This popular little brother from Germany can be said to have grabbed the limelight of all models. Just the domineering tattoo on his body looks more exciting than the clean male models. In 2012, he was featured in the French popular female singer Shy’m, appeared in the MV “On se fout de nous”, and then gradually attracted attention in the fashion industry

3. Billy Huxley

tattoo trends

Thick beard, huge pectoral muscles, and locomotive are all his adjectives

tattoo trends

People have only seen him change his hairstyle and outfit, but what will never change is his beard and clearly visible tattoos. Of course, all this must be accompanied by a perfect figure.

Crown, swallow, 1989, flower petals…

tattoo trends

Such a fierce tattooed handsome guy has an animal-loving heart, allowing girls to change their impression of tattooing, no longer afraid to fall in love with such a boyfriend, but feel more secure.

He usually wears layers, holes, denim, motorcycle leather jackets, wool lapel jackets, oversize vests, banana patterns, suits, and leather shoes. With such a good figure, everything looks good!

tattoo trends

They ’re not different. The difference is that they have more tattoos and their faces look better than you.

4. Jimmy Q

tattoo trends

Jimmy Q was born in LA, USA. He used to be a skateboarder and rock singer. He never left his cigarette,always has a Slicked-back hair type, which is the biggest difference between him and other male models.


tattoo trends

Jimmy Q loves big back, tattoos with a good hairstyle, and bad feelings stand out. Keep the hairstyle at all times.

5. Baptiste Giabiconi

tattoo trends

There are not many tattoos on Baptiste Giabiconi, the biggest one is on the left hand side. The best-looking tattoo is a staff on the right wrist. The other tattoos are names and words. There is a string of text on the ribs. If you can tattoo at this position, it will be an important thing to remember

3D tattoos with 100% reduction degree that really few people dare to tattoo!

When it comes to 3D tattoos, everyone will certainly not be unfamiliar. Whether it is 3D graffiti, floor painting or wall painting, it is the same principle. That is, the artist uses his own creativity to create a three-dimensional sense in the two-dimensional space.

3D tattoos01

Speaking of people who associate 3D visual art with tattoos, I have to mention Niki Norberg, a hyper-realistic artist.

Thanks to a sudden imagination of Niki, the amazing 3D tattoo art is now available.

3D tattoo

In the 1990s, Niki’s friend wanted a tattoo and volunteered to be his mouse.Let Niki paint on him and unexpectedly succeed.The first impression of Niki’s work is “realism”.

And the most attractive thing in his works is the moving eyes, as if it is not a pattern, but a photo print.

3D tattoo

If Niki’s 3D tattoo is to move the canvas to the body, then the popular 3D tattoo is more like challenging the sensory limit.

What are the types of popular 3D tattoos today?

1. Hollow out

Tattooists use different angles to draw super strong three-dimensional patterns, and they also added the idea of hollowing out to make the skin and muscles separated.

3D tattoo

This is not skin at all, this is a canvas!

2. Visual dislocation

The most interesting place for visual dislocation is that, in addition to being more three-dimensional than a flat pattern, when people see a tattoo, they have the idea of touching it

3D tattoo

What is 3D tattoo used for?

1. Shocking

Under the tricks of foreigners, many 3D patterns on the Internet make people feel scalp

3D tattoo

Let’s take a look at the effects of these hipsters. There are tearing, peeling, and dislocation. In short, the effect is as shocking as it is! 

3D tattoo

Those small animals that seem to be harmless to humans and animals in ordinary times, once put them on the surface of the skin, immediately become powerful and domineering. Even the tiny details of spiders and bees have been drawn in.

3D tattoo
3D tattoo

2. Sexy

3D tattoos are more than just violence and thriller! There are many exclusive girls’ patterns with hidden parts, very sexy! !!

3D tattoo

3. High grade

Compared to flat tattoos, three-dimensional 3D patterns are the coolest existence.

Multi-dimensional geometric figure, people can’t move their eyes. This illusion that people can be sucked in at all times is more than a few degrees higher than those simple patterns outside

3D tattoo

Which parts of the body are suitable for 3D tattoos?

1. Shoulder

The shoulder is actually a very delicate part, a little farther from the high profile and closer to privacy. Occasionally, people can see the mystery of your body

3D tattoo

Tips: The tattoo on the shoulder should not be too large, and the pattern should preferably be fun and aesthetic.

2.Chest and back

Can be on the chest line or back. Not only can the stunning 3D tattoos be displayed vividly, but even the sexy patterns can also stand up!

3D tattoo


The length of the limbs gives the tattoo artist a lot of room. If you want a robotic arm, choose the arm.

3D tattoo

Even without a robotic arm, the arm part is still the most beautiful bearing place for 3D tattoos

Although 3D tattoos are so cool, there are still few people who dare to boldly exaggerate patterns on their bodies. After all, the tolerance of tattoos in society still needs to be improved. However, Jill suggested that choosing a less exaggerated pattern and using 3D pattern on the body is acceptable to the public.

Just don’t know if you dare?

3D tattoo