What to do if I get scratched and bleeding while bathing my cat

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When bathing your cat, if you are caught by your cat and bleeding, you need to treat the wound in time. This usually does not require injection.

When bitten by a cat or scratched, the following situations require an injection:

  • Bitten or scratched by someone ’s cat or dog, no matter how the owner explains, once the skin is broken, it is best to get an injection.
  • When rescue stray cats and dogs, if you are scratched or bitten by stray cats and dogs, be sure to get the injection as soon as possible.
  • In the case of cats in free range, it is also recommended to give an injection if you are bitten, or have a serious scratch.

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Under what circumstances do I not need an injection? In the following cases of scratches or bites, it is better to wash the wound with soap and disinfect with iodine instead of injections.

  • When playing with a cat in your home, when your hand or body is scratched, most of these wounds are monosexual, so no injection is needed.
  • It’s not that the cat scratched you intentionally, and don’t need to give an injection if the cat never goes out.

cat care tips

How does the owner prevent being scratched by a cat?

  • Because captive cats are at home for a long time, even if the owner is scratched, there is no need to give an injection, as long as you pay attention to trimming the cat’s nails regularly.
  • Some owners have the habit of feeding stray cats. When feeding stray cats, you are advised that if you are not familiar with the cat, do not directly touch it. Use the cuff to test the cat’s reaction first, and then make a decision whether to continue to stroke
  • To get along with cats, you need to master the corresponding methods.