Sunflower nail tutorial

Today I will teach you how to make the sunflower nails below

nail art


trim the nails neatly, after sanding, apply a layer of primer first, then take out the nail polish, apply pure blue nail polish, and dry it;

nail art

Step 2:

Take out the yellow nail polish, and start to draw the sun flower as shown in the picture.

nail art

Step 3:

Draw the entire outline of the flower step by step, pay attention to fill up the yellow of the petals ;

nail art

Step 4:

As shown in the figure, draw sun flowers with different angles on each nail surface;

nail art

Step 5:

Take out the brown nail polish to draw the flower core;

nail art

Step 6.

As shown in the figure, take out the pink nail polish and draw on the yellow petals gently, it seems that the layered feeling is more beautiful;

nail art

Step 7:

Add a little bit of brown nail polish on the flower core, and finally apply the sealant and dry it. A sunny sun flower nail will come out!

nail art

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