How to trim round nails?

round nail

Nails are the second face of a woman. Many girls like nail art to make their hands more beautiful. The first step in manicure is to trim your nails to the shape you want. Some girls like to make the nails square, so they look very temperamental, while others like to round the nails, cute and playful. If the girls don’t have time to go to the nail shop, they can actually DIY at home.

round nail

How to trim round nails

Round nails are sweet and playful. Whether it’s candy-colored nail polish or light luxury-colored nail polish, you can easily hold it, so many girls like to trim their nails to round. Let’s start teaching you how to trim round nails!

  1. Wash your nails, spray lotion around your nails, wipe them with a towel, and then use a flat nail clipper to trim your nails from the outermost side to the inner side.
  2. Use a nail clipper to cut off the extra nails on both sides of the nail and trim the nails to a roughly circular shape.
  3. Make the grinding rod and the base of the fingers parallel, from left to right or right to left, trim the edges of the front edge of the nail in the same direction to make it round.

  4. Then place the grinding stick under the nail at a 45-degree angle to the nail surface, and grind in the same direction so that the edges of both sides of the nail are arc-shaped.

  5. You can use double eyelid glue or arc-shaped French nails stick to stick about 1mm away from your fingertips, and follow the stickers to trim the ends of the nails into a symmetrical arc.

  6. After the trimming is successful, grind the nails lightly with grinding stick.

round nail

In the next issue, Jill will continue to explain how to apply nail polish to round nails.

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