How to care after manicure?

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After finishing nails, do you think everything is OK? NONONO! Beauty girls, the work after trimming your nails is far from over, you still need to care for your nails! Especially for girls who often do nails, if you don’t pay attention to your nails, there may be many small problems with your nails. To keep your nails beautiful, come and learn how to care for your nails.

  1. After trimming nails, you can wash them with lotion. When cleaning the nails, use gentle movements, and make sure to clean the small corners of the nails.
  2. After that, you can soak your hands in warm soapy water. After soaking for a period of time, the skin tissue around the nails will become soft, so that we can remove dead skin.
  3. Apply softener on the fingers. After the dead skin softens, use the dead skin fader to gently push the dead skin out along the indentation between the nail and the meat, and then use the dead skin scissors to cut off the dead skin.
  4. Use a polishing stick to gently remove the dull cuticle on the surface of the nail. Do not use too much force when grinding, just polish the nail to be smooth.
  5. After polishing, you can use cotton to apply nail care oil and gently wipe the surface of the nail. The epidermal maintenance oil can provide nutrition to the nail while removing dead skin.
  6. Finally, apply finger serum essence around the nails and fingers, and massage a little to let the essence penetrate.

round nail

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