How to avoid inflammation, allergies, and purulence after tattooing?

tattoo care

    For veterans of tattooing, how to take good care of them after tattooing and how to perfectly avoid all the problems of recovery period are no longer a problem that disturbs the mind

tattoo care

    But with the development and popularity of tattoos, many new tattoo novices are added every year. For veterans, the increasingly mature nursing problem has become a big problem for novice tattooists.

Jill believes that everyone’s tattoo is an experience. However, if you don’t know how to care after tattooing ,which causes tattoos to damage the skin, it’s not worth it.

Therefore, today Jill continues the old saying, “How to care for the skin after tattooing!”

Tips 1 : Don’t re-bandage your tattoo

After tattooing, the tattoo artist will wrap your tattoo with plastic wrap or a special protective film to isolate the invasion of bacteria. It is enough to cover for 3-4 hours. Do not think that the longer it is covered, the safer it is. Long packages can cause bacterial growth

tattoo care

After tearing off the plastic wrap, pay attention to washing the tattoo area with warm water (do not stimulate the tattoo area with soap and shower gel), wash the exudate tissue fluid, and then dry it with a clean towel or paper towel

Tips 2 : Don’t touch your tattoo randomly

You must have been very pleased when you just got a tattoo, from time to time you want to see it and touch it. However, when touching the tattoo, be sure to wash your hands and avoid contact with rough towels and scrub fabric

tattoo care

Tips 3 : Clean before crusting

Pay special attention to cleaning after tattooing. Clean the tattoo 3 times a day with warm water and apply a thin layer of repair cream before crusting.

This ointment does not need to be used often, and is used about once in the morning, noon and evening. Apply evenly on the tattoo area

tattoo care

Tips 4 : Don’t scratch your tattoo

Before and after crusting, the skin will feel tight and the color of the tattoo area will become dark, which is normal.

When you feel itchy, don’t scratch it, so as to prevent nail bacteria from entering the skin and causing infection, make sure it falls off by itself, otherwise it will affect the tattoo effect and color

tattoo care

If the itch is really unbearable, you can gently pat the tattoo area with the palm to relieve

Tips 5 : Less water after crusting

Once our tattoos are crusted, we should wash as little as possible and keep them away from water to keep the skin dry.

If washed too much, it will affect the pattern, color and effect after recovery.

Avoid using bathtubs, hot tubs, public pools, saunas, etc. during rehabilitation

tattoo care

Tips 6 : Avoid spicy, seafood and alcohol

When alcohol enters the body, it will flow through the body with the blood and reach the wound site.Capsaicin, like alcohol, can also stimulate scars. Seafood is an allergic food. Until the tattoo is completely restored, it is better to eat less 

tattoo care

Tips 7 : Avoid exposure

If you go to the beach to bask in the sun, or in the hot weather for a long time. Even without a tattoo, your skin may peel off. So you have to pay attention to the tattoo, prolonged exposure will make the tattoo lighter and affect the aesthetics of the tattoo.

tattoo care

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