For round nails, how to apply nail polish to look good?

In the last issue, Jill explained how to trim round nails. In this issue, jill will explain to you how to apply nail polish to round nails.

After finishing a cute round nail, you must think: How to apply nail polish to make it look good? Whether nail polish is painted beautifully can be described as the appearance of hand makeup, so nail polish is very skillful. How to apply monochrome nails or colorful nails to look good? Hurry and look down!

Tips 1.

For girls who have just rounded their nails, when applying nail polish, you should leave both sides of the bottom of the nails blank and fill the rest.

round nail

Tips 2

The color of your nails should match the color of your clothing. You do n’t have to buy a lot of nail polish to suit your clothing. You only need to buy a few main colors. These basic colors are:

White: increase the softness of the nail polish and reduce the color;

round nail

Black: Aggravates the chroma of nail polish, showing a cloudy and dark color sense;

round nail

Pearl with silver powder: Increases the brightness of nail polish, and is used when matching with shiny clothes.When choosing the color of nail polish, girls can refer to the following tips: For light-skinned people, choose a wide range of nail polish colors, which can be deep or light; and for dark-skinned people, it is best to choose dark nail polish , So that your hands look fresh and clean.

round nail

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