How to care after manicure?

round nail

round nail

After finishing nails, do you think everything is OK? NONONO! Beauty girls, the work after trimming your nails is far from over, you still need to care for your nails! Especially for girls who often do nails, if you don’t pay attention to your nails, there may be many small problems with your nails. To keep your nails beautiful, come and learn how to care for your nails.

  1. After trimming nails, you can wash them with lotion. When cleaning the nails, use gentle movements, and make sure to clean the small corners of the nails.
  2. After that, you can soak your hands in warm soapy water. After soaking for a period of time, the skin tissue around the nails will become soft, so that we can remove dead skin.
  3. Apply softener on the fingers. After the dead skin softens, use the dead skin fader to gently push the dead skin out along the indentation between the nail and the meat, and then use the dead skin scissors to cut off the dead skin.
  4. Use a polishing stick to gently remove the dull cuticle on the surface of the nail. Do not use too much force when grinding, just polish the nail to be smooth.
  5. After polishing, you can use cotton to apply nail care oil and gently wipe the surface of the nail. The epidermal maintenance oil can provide nutrition to the nail while removing dead skin.
  6. Finally, apply finger serum essence around the nails and fingers, and massage a little to let the essence penetrate.

round nail

What to pay attention to when trimming round nails?

round nail

Most of the girls are nail enthusiasts. After getting the new skills of trimming nails, they may have to DIY nails until they can’t stop. However, in the process of trimming round nails, there are a lot of things to pay attention to. Do you know what to pay attention to when trimming round nails? Together Mark!

  1. If you want to trim the old skin on the edges of your nails, first soak your nails in a bowl of warm water.

  2. If there are thorns around your nails, you can cut them with small scissors.

  3. Do not grind back and forth at the root of the nail surface or the front edge of the nail, it will hurt the nail root and methyl group, causing the nail to break or peel off from the nail bed.

  4. You must develop good operating habits when nails are trimmed, you must grind from both sides to the middle, and never grind from the middle to both sides or back and forth.

  5. The length of the leading edge of the nail should be less than the length of the nail body, to prevent the nail body from breaking or hurting the nail root and methyl group when the grinding force is applied.

  6. After trimming and sanding, gently polish the leading edge of the nail with the sanding file. Can eliminate rough edges and avoid peeling of rough edges of nails when they are stressed.

round nail

What nail manicure tools do I need to make nails at home?

Many girls said that after watching tips sharing, they want to DIY nails at home. However, they don’t know which trimming tools are needed. Below Jill will show you what are the trimming tools for nails art? These tools are also suitable for the round nails of the previous two issues

Nail file:

used to smooth the nail after trimming nails;

nail file

The dead skin fader:

removes dead skin from the edges of the nails and pushes the nail bed to make the nails appear slimmer.

The dead skin fader

Nail pliers:

trimmed horny nails, dead skin, calluses;

Nail pliers

Nail clippers

the top of the nail clippers is designed with a blunt tip, the blade is sharp, and it can usually be trimmed smoothly at one time;

Nail clippers


After trimming the nails, the cleaner can easily clean the inside and the surroundings of the nails, making the nails look cleaner and more beautiful.


For round nails, how to apply nail polish to look good?

In the last issue, Jill explained how to trim round nails. In this issue, jill will explain to you how to apply nail polish to round nails.

After finishing a cute round nail, you must think: How to apply nail polish to make it look good? Whether nail polish is painted beautifully can be described as the appearance of hand makeup, so nail polish is very skillful. How to apply monochrome nails or colorful nails to look good? Hurry and look down!

Tips 1.

For girls who have just rounded their nails, when applying nail polish, you should leave both sides of the bottom of the nails blank and fill the rest.

round nail

Tips 2

The color of your nails should match the color of your clothing. You do n’t have to buy a lot of nail polish to suit your clothing. You only need to buy a few main colors. These basic colors are:

White: increase the softness of the nail polish and reduce the color;

round nail

Black: Aggravates the chroma of nail polish, showing a cloudy and dark color sense;

round nail

Pearl with silver powder: Increases the brightness of nail polish, and is used when matching with shiny clothes.When choosing the color of nail polish, girls can refer to the following tips: For light-skinned people, choose a wide range of nail polish colors, which can be deep or light; and for dark-skinned people, it is best to choose dark nail polish , So that your hands look fresh and clean.

round nail

How to trim round nails?

round nail

Nails are the second face of a woman. Many girls like nail art to make their hands more beautiful. The first step in manicure is to trim your nails to the shape you want. Some girls like to make the nails square, so they look very temperamental, while others like to round the nails, cute and playful. If the girls don’t have time to go to the nail shop, they can actually DIY at home.

round nail

How to trim round nails

Round nails are sweet and playful. Whether it’s candy-colored nail polish or light luxury-colored nail polish, you can easily hold it, so many girls like to trim their nails to round. Let’s start teaching you how to trim round nails!

  1. Wash your nails, spray lotion around your nails, wipe them with a towel, and then use a flat nail clipper to trim your nails from the outermost side to the inner side.
  2. Use a nail clipper to cut off the extra nails on both sides of the nail and trim the nails to a roughly circular shape.
  3. Make the grinding rod and the base of the fingers parallel, from left to right or right to left, trim the edges of the front edge of the nail in the same direction to make it round.

  4. Then place the grinding stick under the nail at a 45-degree angle to the nail surface, and grind in the same direction so that the edges of both sides of the nail are arc-shaped.

  5. You can use double eyelid glue or arc-shaped French nails stick to stick about 1mm away from your fingertips, and follow the stickers to trim the ends of the nails into a symmetrical arc.

  6. After the trimming is successful, grind the nails lightly with grinding stick.

round nail

In the next issue, Jill will continue to explain how to apply nail polish to round nails.

Five nail art tips that make your fingers look longer

Many girls have the trouble that their fingers are short.If your fingers are not long, use nail art to make your hands look longer. Nail art done right, visual effects will be greatly improved!

Today Jill brings to you five tips for making nail manicures. Friends who want to know, let ’s hurry and learn with me

Tip 1. Small And Few Patterns

Since the cumbersome and complicated styles are too dirty for short nails to look, then choose small and few patterns. For example, if someone draws a lot of stars or love on her nails, you can only draw a small one; if others are studded with diamond ornaments or large diamonds, you can choose a small amount.

nail art tips that make your fingers look longer
nail art tips that make your fingers look longer

Tip 2. Leave A Blank Space Appropriately

A blank space is also an art. If want individualized nails and can’t make complicated patterns, you don’t need to paint the whole nails. Instead, you can use a blank space to express your personality and temperament. The “Crescent Nail Art”, “Openwork Nail Art” and nail art styles focusing only on the nail surface are very popular this year. It is very clever for short nails to focus on the center of the nail surface and create a blank space around the nail surface.

nail art tips that make your fingers look longer
nail art tips that make your fingers look longer

Tip 3. Simple Lines

The lines have a sense of extension. Using some simple lines can make your fingernails look longer, and the vertical lines have the best visual effects!

nail art tips that make your fingers look longer
nail art tips that make your fingers look longer

Tip 4. Monochrome Or Color Jump

Short fingernails have thicker belly, and the nails are short square or round. Monochrome and jumping color are good choices. The solid color of the single nail surface looks clean and can make the fingers look longer.

nail art tips that make your fingers look longer

Tip 5. Inverted V

Short fingernails have thicker belly, and the nails are short square or round. Monochrome and jumping color are good choices. The solid color of the single nail surface looks clean and can make the fingers look longer.

nail art tips that make your fingers look longer
nail art tips that make your fingers look longer

Are you suitable for black and white tattoos or color tattoos?

Recently, some friends told me that he wants to tattoo but he doesn’t know if color tattoo is better or black and white is better?

Today Jill will talk to you about this issue

In all tattoo designs, except for the stippling and tribal totem styles, which are almost black and white, the other styles of tattoos are black and white and colored. Let’s first explore the advantages and disadvantages of black and white tattoos and color tattoos.

Black and White Tattoo

Black and white tattoos are pure and elegant, giving a sense of stability,The three-dimensional sense of excellent black and white works is shocking, and is not disturbed by other colors. The monochrome picture performance is more intense when the light and shadow are contrasted.

black and white and color tattoo 02

Feature 1

Shorter production time compared to color tattoos,pain  is lower than color

black and white and color tattoo 03

Feature 2

Especially on dark skin, contrast is stronger than color tattoos

black and white and color tattoo 04

Feature 3

Relatively less affected by the sun’s sunshine, because even if they fade, the contrast is still obvious

black and white and color tattoo 05

Feature 4

Black and white are neutral, it does not conflict with the color of your clothes

black and white and color tattoo 06

Feature 5

For the same tattoo teacher, the price of black and white tattoos is generally lower than that of color tattoos.

black and white and color tattoo 07

Features of Color Tattoos

Color tattoos are more dynamic than black and white tattoos. Bright and gorgeous colors give people a stunning feeling, and at the same time there will be more creative space for color combinations and inspiration

Feature 1

From the production time, color tattoos will take longer than black and white tattoos. Complex color tattoos take twice or even three times as long as black and white tattoos of the same size

black and white and color tattoo 08

Feature 2

color tattoos are more painful than black and white tattoos

black and white and color tattoo 09

Feature 3

The cost of pigments and other consumables will also be higher

black and white and color tattoo 10

Feature 4

Color tattoos have good coverage, so they can better cover existing failed or old tattoos

black and white and color tattoo 11

Feature 5

 On fair skin, contrasts such as purity and lightness can be formed, and warm and cold colors can bring more emotional manifestations to the pattern

black and white and color tattoo 12

Feature 6

More color combinations than black and white

black and white and color tattoo 13

You can communicate with the tattoo artist what color tattoo is actually used. An experienced tattoo artist can give you the perfect advice based on your skin tone and your lifestyle.

In summary, black and white tattoos are different from color tattoos, and each has its own charm.

Regarding whether you have black and white tattoos or color tattoos, in addition to the characteristics and advantages of various parties just mentioned by Jill, you have to ask yourself, do you like black and white or color more? How about your own endurance? Is your skin tone fair or dark? How much sun do you usually get? What is the budget for tattoo costs? I believe you will have the answer right away

black and white and color tattoo 14

How to avoid inflammation, allergies, and purulence after tattooing?

tattoo care

    For veterans of tattooing, how to take good care of them after tattooing and how to perfectly avoid all the problems of recovery period are no longer a problem that disturbs the mind

tattoo care

    But with the development and popularity of tattoos, many new tattoo novices are added every year. For veterans, the increasingly mature nursing problem has become a big problem for novice tattooists.

Jill believes that everyone’s tattoo is an experience. However, if you don’t know how to care after tattooing ,which causes tattoos to damage the skin, it’s not worth it.

Therefore, today Jill continues the old saying, “How to care for the skin after tattooing!”

Tips 1 : Don’t re-bandage your tattoo

After tattooing, the tattoo artist will wrap your tattoo with plastic wrap or a special protective film to isolate the invasion of bacteria. It is enough to cover for 3-4 hours. Do not think that the longer it is covered, the safer it is. Long packages can cause bacterial growth

tattoo care

After tearing off the plastic wrap, pay attention to washing the tattoo area with warm water (do not stimulate the tattoo area with soap and shower gel), wash the exudate tissue fluid, and then dry it with a clean towel or paper towel

Tips 2 : Don’t touch your tattoo randomly

You must have been very pleased when you just got a tattoo, from time to time you want to see it and touch it. However, when touching the tattoo, be sure to wash your hands and avoid contact with rough towels and scrub fabric

tattoo care

Tips 3 : Clean before crusting

Pay special attention to cleaning after tattooing. Clean the tattoo 3 times a day with warm water and apply a thin layer of repair cream before crusting.

This ointment does not need to be used often, and is used about once in the morning, noon and evening. Apply evenly on the tattoo area

tattoo care

Tips 4 : Don’t scratch your tattoo

Before and after crusting, the skin will feel tight and the color of the tattoo area will become dark, which is normal.

When you feel itchy, don’t scratch it, so as to prevent nail bacteria from entering the skin and causing infection, make sure it falls off by itself, otherwise it will affect the tattoo effect and color

tattoo care

If the itch is really unbearable, you can gently pat the tattoo area with the palm to relieve

Tips 5 : Less water after crusting

Once our tattoos are crusted, we should wash as little as possible and keep them away from water to keep the skin dry.

If washed too much, it will affect the pattern, color and effect after recovery.

Avoid using bathtubs, hot tubs, public pools, saunas, etc. during rehabilitation

tattoo care

Tips 6 : Avoid spicy, seafood and alcohol

When alcohol enters the body, it will flow through the body with the blood and reach the wound site.Capsaicin, like alcohol, can also stimulate scars. Seafood is an allergic food. Until the tattoo is completely restored, it is better to eat less 

tattoo care

Tips 7 : Avoid exposure

If you go to the beach to bask in the sun, or in the hot weather for a long time. Even without a tattoo, your skin may peel off. So you have to pay attention to the tattoo, prolonged exposure will make the tattoo lighter and affect the aesthetics of the tattoo.

tattoo care