Can dogs eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a delicious and tasty vegetable, because they are very rich in vitamin c, which can also be very effective in treating oral ulcers. But for dogs, are tomatoes good for them?

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Studies have shown that dogs can eat tomatoes, but it is best not to eat tomatoes, because a substance in tomatoes can cause dogs to endanger their dog’s health after excessive consumption. However, it is safe for dogs to eat a small amount of cooked tomatoes. Although tomatoes are not poison for dogs, they are relatively safe ingredients. However, the nutrients contained in tomatoes are not necessary for dogs to grow and develop, so dogs do not need to eat tomatoes.

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A part of tomatoes contains a lot of harmful substances for dogs. Excessive eating will be life threatening for dogs. Immature tomatoes will be more dangerous. Tomatoes are rich in alkaloids and atropine. If eats too much, the dog may experience symptoms such as drooling, foaming, drowsiness, and difficulty breathing. In severe cases, vomiting, Abdominal pain and diarrhea. Very few dogs may also experience constipation, muscle weakness and twitching of hands and feet, which are very obvious poisoning phenomena.

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Tomatoes are also fruits that some dogs cannot eat because of their constitution. So in life, when feeding tomatoes to dogs, you should still feed a small amount, and you need to observe the dog’s physical response, and develop a perfect scientific diet plan for it to ensure the dog’s diet health.

So dogs don’t need to consume too many fruits and vegetables.

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