3D tattoos with 100% reduction degree that really few people dare to tattoo!

When it comes to 3D tattoos, everyone will certainly not be unfamiliar. Whether it is 3D graffiti, floor painting or wall painting, it is the same principle. That is, the artist uses his own creativity to create a three-dimensional sense in the two-dimensional space.

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Speaking of people who associate 3D visual art with tattoos, I have to mention Niki Norberg, a hyper-realistic artist.

Thanks to a sudden imagination of Niki, the amazing 3D tattoo art is now available.

3D tattoo

In the 1990s, Niki’s friend wanted a tattoo and volunteered to be his mouse.Let Niki paint on him and unexpectedly succeed.The first impression of Niki’s work is “realism”.

And the most attractive thing in his works is the moving eyes, as if it is not a pattern, but a photo print.

3D tattoo

If Niki’s 3D tattoo is to move the canvas to the body, then the popular 3D tattoo is more like challenging the sensory limit.

What are the types of popular 3D tattoos today?

1. Hollow out

Tattooists use different angles to draw super strong three-dimensional patterns, and they also added the idea of hollowing out to make the skin and muscles separated.

3D tattoo

This is not skin at all, this is a canvas!

2. Visual dislocation

The most interesting place for visual dislocation is that, in addition to being more three-dimensional than a flat pattern, when people see a tattoo, they have the idea of touching it

3D tattoo

What is 3D tattoo used for?

1. Shocking

Under the tricks of foreigners, many 3D patterns on the Internet make people feel scalp

3D tattoo

Let’s take a look at the effects of these hipsters. There are tearing, peeling, and dislocation. In short, the effect is as shocking as it is! 

3D tattoo

Those small animals that seem to be harmless to humans and animals in ordinary times, once put them on the surface of the skin, immediately become powerful and domineering. Even the tiny details of spiders and bees have been drawn in.

3D tattoo
3D tattoo

2. Sexy

3D tattoos are more than just violence and thriller! There are many exclusive girls’ patterns with hidden parts, very sexy! !!

3D tattoo

3. High grade

Compared to flat tattoos, three-dimensional 3D patterns are the coolest existence.

Multi-dimensional geometric figure, people can’t move their eyes. This illusion that people can be sucked in at all times is more than a few degrees higher than those simple patterns outside

3D tattoo

Which parts of the body are suitable for 3D tattoos?

1. Shoulder

The shoulder is actually a very delicate part, a little farther from the high profile and closer to privacy. Occasionally, people can see the mystery of your body

3D tattoo

Tips: The tattoo on the shoulder should not be too large, and the pattern should preferably be fun and aesthetic.

2.Chest and back

Can be on the chest line or back. Not only can the stunning 3D tattoos be displayed vividly, but even the sexy patterns can also stand up!

3D tattoo


The length of the limbs gives the tattoo artist a lot of room. If you want a robotic arm, choose the arm.

3D tattoo

Even without a robotic arm, the arm part is still the most beautiful bearing place for 3D tattoos

Although 3D tattoos are so cool, there are still few people who dare to boldly exaggerate patterns on their bodies. After all, the tolerance of tattoos in society still needs to be improved. However, Jill suggested that choosing a less exaggerated pattern and using 3D pattern on the body is acceptable to the public.

Just don’t know if you dare?

3D tattoo

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